What is Funded?

The DJS Fund Team welcomes proposals for projects that mobilize the greater PLU community around Diversity, Justice and Sustainability (DJS). Using the student DJS Award we can financially support projects that advance PLU’s mission and a holistic application of sustainability. The DJS FUNd team will fund a variety of projects, though priority will be given to ideas that are:

  • Socially relevant and accessible
  • Culturally appropriate and sensitive
  • Environmentally conscious and productive
  • Economically sound and supportive
  • Potential for lasting impact on campus climate

Who Can Apply?

Any student of the PLU community can propose a project. Student(s) applying for the DJS Award is encouraged to partner with a PLU department, faculty or staff in order to foster community partnerships.

Accepting proposals for Summer & Fall 2020


Please contact The Diversity Center at dcenter@plu.edu with any questions.

Important Dates

DJS Award Proposals will be reviewed each Fall, J-Term and Spring semesters and processed up to a month after the application deadline or until funds are allocated.  Project proposals will be accepted on a first come first serve rolling basis during the time frames below for projects happening in the projected time line.

Application Process

As an award for innovative student incited projects, all applications must be submitted by students(s).


Spend time brainstorming innovative ideas.  Consider the following questions: What are the greatest needs of the PLU Community?  Why are you interested in this project?  How, and for whom, will this make an impact for?

Prepare Application:

  • Complete a DJS Award Application describing the goals of your project and connections to Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability.
    • Copy + Paste the DJS Award Application into a new google doc to edit and submit.
    • Attach receipts, links, or documents presenting research of estimated budget costs.
  • Prepare the following supplemental documents as they are relevant to your proposal topic:
    • Event – All proposals that are events must include a completed Event Planning Form that has received feedback and approval by required people (Ex: Advisor, Supervisor, Clubs & Orgs).
    • Campus Partner Endorsement – All proposals including campus partner collaboration must complete and have signed a Campus Partner Endorsement. All projects proposing physical improvements require a Community Partner Endorsement.
    • Travel – All proposals including travel must have completed, and attach, the following requirements before applying for funding:
    • Human Peer Review Board-  Projects requiring interviewing or researching with human participants must be approved by the Human Peer Review Board (HPRB) prior to applying for DJS Award funding. When approved, attach your approval letter to your application proposal.

How to submit:

  • Label them each document with your last name followed by an underscore and the name of the document.  (Ex: ProjectName_Proposal, ProjectName_Travel, ProjectName_CampusPartner, ProjectName_HPRB.)
  • Attach all required proposal documents in 1 email to Nicole Juliano at juliannh@plu.edu by the deadline. 

Application Feedback:

Applications received one week prior to the due date will receive feedback in case of incomplete application or further clarification of project prior to the DJS FUNd Team review.  This is to encourage complete proposals are reviewed and will be successful candidates for approval.

Selection Process

  1. PLU Student(s) submit on-time proposals for DJS Award
  2. Within a month of the submission the DJS Award Team reviews and makes recommendations for the Award
  3. The recommendations are vetted through Student Life Council, the Chairs of the University Diversity Committee and Sustainability Committee and Director of the Diversity Center to ensure student safety and that proposals follow PLU protocol and procedures
  4. Awards are gifted or declined
  5. Award recipients must submit a summary of their project with added materials (photos, videos, flyers, posters etc. as available) for DJS Award records and publicity within one month after their project is completed

Restrictions & Stipulations

  • Students cannot utilize the DJS Award for personal pay or full time position pay – unless it is part of an overall program that impacts the wider PLU community, is a position through a campus partner and the position cost amounts to less than that for the program cost.
  • The Award does not allow the purchase of alcohol or fine dining unless approved by the DJS FUNd Team.
  • Any complementary funding towards a DJS Award proposal must be shared in the proposed budget. The DJS FUNd team must also be notified if any changes to the project or budget occurs. One cannot utilize DJS Award funding for other than what has been requested without DJS FUNd Team approval.
  • Faculty or staff personal expenses (conference, travel, lodging, car rental… etc.) cannot be paid for out of the DJS Award account.
  • If an applicant proposes for the Award that involves domestic travel, students must provide copies of proof of health insurance and an activity waiver to the Coordinator for Sustainability Integration prior to travel. Travel clearance also includes that students submit a risk management plan and sign a statement of responsibility.
  • If an applicant proposes for the Award whose project involves international travel, they must have full travel clearance through the Wang Center and plan for an acceptance of funds two months prior to leaving the country. Travel clearance includes that students submit a risk management plan and sign and statement of responsibility.
  • Any student project involving international or domestic travel must turn in approved documents prior to applying for DJS Award funding (see application for more details).
  • Any project involving interviewing of or researching with human participants must be approved by the PLU Human Peer Review Board (HPRB) prior to applying and conducting research (see application for more details).

Tips for Applying

As the DJS Award process attempts to mimic “real world” grant processes. The DJS FUNd Team recommends that your consider the following to improve your proposal.

Demonstrate in your proposal that there is a need for your project by your campus. That could entail doing some prework like interview or surveying areas of campus about your idea.

Seek out complimentary funding for your project from various department or sources such as ASPLU and Student Activities Board. Showing that you have greater buy in for your project demonstrates that various campus stakeholders can trust your vision moving forward.

If you are purchasing materials or supplies for your project idea, your proposal will be stronger if you demonstrate those materials are ethically sourced and manufactured or have a long shelf life for the longevity of your project. Single0use or one time use products are discouraged for the wellbeing of our environment and the populations impacted by waste.

If your project does not fulfill any of the listed priorities please describe why your project is worth funding.