About the DJS Award

The DJS Award supports funding for student initiated projects that mobilize the greater PLU community around Diversity, Justice and Sustainability (DJS).   This fund of $10/student or about $50,000 per academic year is overseen by the DJS FUNd team comprised of student social justice and sustainability leaders: the Diversity Advocates for the Community Garden, the President of GREAN Club, the ASPLU Sustainability Director, the ASPLU Diversity Director, the RHA Sustainability Director and the RHA Social Justice Director.  Since Fall 2016, the DJS Award has contributed to funding 20 projects and counting.

History of Award

2007- ASPLU legislation established a $10/semester tuition increase to fund green energy credits and sustainability projects.
2015– The buying of carbon offsets ended and Green Fees was evaluated with the hopes of increasing student participation while still wanting to meet demands of the President’s Climate Agenda to be Carbon Neutral by 2020.
2016–  ASPLU legislation passed to shift Green Fees into the DJS Award which expanded the definition of sustainability to social, environmental, cultural and economic intersections of sustainability.

What is funded:

The DJS Fund Team welcomes proposals for student initiated projects that mobilize the greater PLU community around Diversity, Justice and Sustainability (DJS).  Utilizing the Living Economy Model (see diagram to the right from Movement Generation), encourages students to present innovative proposals that through their intentional process strive to challenge our current extractive and exploitative economy to promote a living economy where the wellness and care for all life is valued.   The DJS FUNd team will fund a variety of projects, though priority will be given to ideas that are:

  • Socially relevant and accessible
  • Culturally appropriate and sensitive
  • Environmentally conscious and productive
  • Economically sound and supportive
  • Potential for lasting impact on campus climate

Next applications due Nov 23, 2020


Please contact The Diversity Center at with any questions.