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Spectrums of Color

Spectrums of Color

January 17th and 18th @ 7:30pm and January 19th @ 2pm

Karen Hille Phillips Center – Studio Theater

About the play

The stories presented in the show are based off of real life experiences that I, Nayonni “Nai-Nai” Watts, have been through: advocating for myself, gaining understanding of and from other people as well as learning to cope with myself and how I process the world around me. Each short play explores aspects of my struggles and successes as a person on the Autism Spectrum with Intersecting Identities, such as POC, Queer and Female. My goal from this production was to educate my peers on a condition that I and many others live with, but highlighting the strengths that comes with it. Another goal of mine was to provide more opportunities for students of color within and outside of PLU’s Theater Department.” – Nayonni Watts

Below is a list of our cast and crew members! For some of them, it’s their first time being apart of a production and gain a new learning experience of both the Theater world and Autism.

The Cast

Greek To Me
Sahara Jones – Storyteller
Amelia Dodds – Agape
Dylan Ruggeri – Phila
Olivia Egejuru – Eros            


Autistic Alliance
Peanina (Nina) Moore – Roxanna
Dylan Ruggeri – Nova
Emilia Barrera – Sarah


Why I Dance
Sydney Johnson – Sally
Emilia Barrera – Lovely
Dylan Ruggeri – Jessie

The Crew

Nayonni “Nai-Nai” Watts – Playwright & Producer

Morgan Poirier – Production Manager

Sarah Murillo – Stage Manager

Nicole  Trantum – Assistant Stage Manager

Megan Longstaff – House Manager & Videographer

Jim Carey – Videographer

Andrew Riecke – Sound Designer

Alex Lu – Sound Board Operator

Skye Gibbs – Light Board Operator

Joshua Wallace – Marketing

Colton Walter – Graphic Designer

Elizabeth Kulus – Box Office

Event Details

WHAT: Spectrums of Color Performances
WHERE: Karen Hille Phillips Center – Studio Theater
WHEN: January 17th and 18th @ 7:30pm and January 19th @ 2pm
COST: FREE, optional donations to the playwright welcomed, recommended $5

Sign up/Register

  1. Email dcenter@plu.edu that you would like a ticket
  2. Pick up your ticket in the dCenter M-F 8am-5pm


This production is funded through the Diversity Justice & Sustainability Funds and supported via our co-sponsor, The Diversity Center, along with the School of Arts & Communication for allowing us the space to perform. This production is entirely student run and produced with support from theatre faculty, as well as the department at large.