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Autism Awareness Month Calendar

2018 Calendar of Events

April 4
Puzzl'd: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anderson University Center, Regency Room 4-5pm
An Informative session with games & discussion about Autism.

April 25

Karen Hille Phillips Center, Rm. 201 – 4-5pm
Session and discussion about how multiple identities conflict with being on the spectrum.

April 11
The History of Autism

Anderson University Center, Rm. 133 – 4-5pm
The transition of disease to a disorder of Autistic individuals.

April 30
Autism Dinner Celebration

Anderson University Center, CK West – 4-5pm
Celebratory dinner and discussion to conclude Autism Awareness Month with trivia and awards.

RSVP by April 25th to email wattsna@plu.edu. Please include any accommodations and allergies.

April 18
The Spectrum

Anderson University Center, Rm.  133 – 4-5pm
Learning and discussing the different levels of Autism.

Simone Smith
Coordinator for Disability Support Services
Simone Smith
Haedon Brunelle
ASPLU President Elect
Haedon Brunelle
Nayonni ``Nai-Nai`` Watts
Hinderlie Resident Assistant
Nayonni "Nai-Nai" Watts