Disability Support Services

General Information

New to PLU or DSS?

To arrange accommodations at Pacific Lutheran University, students must self-identify to the Director of Disability Support Services (DSS). More information can be found at our Interested Students page.

Single Room Requests

Request for single rooms based on extenuating circumstances, such as certain medical conditions that prohibit sharing a living space, should be directed to the Residential Life Office.

A Word about Accommodations

Accommodations are not an unfair advantage over other students, nor are accommodations a substitute for class attendance, participation and completion of requirements. Accommodations provide equitable access to learning opportunities, they do not guarantee academic success. Further, the accommodation process requires an active partnership between faculty, DSS staff and students. We must each actively engage for the student to properly benefit from their authorized accommodations.

Campus Resources

The Academic Assistance Center at PLU
At the AAC, you’ll find free academic support services that can help you become a more effective, independent learner. Meet with a tutor, join a foreign language conversation group, work on study strategies, attend a group review session for one of your courses, or just stop by for free flashcards.