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Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology Lab at PLU is located in the northeast corner of Mortvedt Library.  Currently three computers are available with a variety of specialized software programs.  To log on to these computers, students need to obtain the username and password from the DSS office.  Headphones needed for certain programs can be checked out at the circulation desk. Below is a list of programs currently available in the Assistive Technology Lab.

Braille Printer

After scanning or typing in text, the brailler prints the text into Braille for those with loss of vision.

Mac Users

Macintosh Computers already have text to speech software installed, for information please visit Apple’s Website.

Learning Ally

The DSS office subscribes to Learning Ally to acquire books in alternate format for students with print disabilities. For more information on using downloaded books from Learning Ally and to schedule a training, please contact the DSS office.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

This program is a voice to text program. After training the program to recognize your speech it is able to type what you speak. This program is useful for students who are physically unable to type and also to help students who are not proficient spellers recognize the correct spelling of words they are using. Microphones can be checked out at the circulation desk in the Library.

Jaws (Job Access with Speech)

Specifically for windows, this program works by speaking everything that is typed or that the cursor moves over. In this way a person can efficiently navigate a computer even with complete vision loss

Kurzweil 1000 and Kurzweil 3000

Originally designed like JAWS, current versions include many extras for students with learning disabilities as well.

Readplease and Mathtalk

Similar to JAWS, Readplease is a free program available for students who need assistance with reading. Books that are recorded onto CD are most commonly read through the Readplease program. Readplease is also useful if you are creating a document and need to hear it out loud in order to better edit the document. Mathtalk is able to read symbols and numbers. To explore other free text-to-speech programs please visit http://www.naturalreaders.com/ or http://balabolka.en.softonic.com/

Reliant Magnifier

The Reliant Magnifier can make it easier to read of a wide variety of printed materials by magnifying materials from 3x to 50x.   Simply place the material on the movable slide table and adjust the magnification level to your comfort.