ECON 499 - Economic Capstone Final Presentation Schedule

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Monday, December 3 / 6-8:30 p.m. / Xavier 250

Health Insurance Incentive Structures Before, During and After the Individual Mandate

Mitchell Nowakowski

Moral Hazard and Publicly Funded Birth Control for Teens

Profit Maximization and Price Discrimination in Major League Baseball

Testing for Adverse Selection in Washington State Casualty Insurance Markets

Entry Deterrence in the Airline Industry

How Can Limited Availability Lead to Higher Profits? The Curious Case of Trader Joe’s Sea-Salt Caramels

A Two-Part Instrument: Methods to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Extending a Theoretical Framework for Superfund Site Remediation

Cameron Raber

Incorporating Wildfire Risk Into The Faustmann Rotation: A Dynamic Optimization Problem

Emily Burk

Monday, December 10 / 6-8:30 p.m. / Xavier 250

Detroit’s Municipal Bankruptcy – Using Housing Prices as a Proxy for Lost City Services

Capital Flows Within a Currency Union

Jana-Alicia Schmidt

Responses to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis: Comparing Iceland and Ireland

The Effect of Property Rights Regulation on Land Values: Oregon’s Measures 37 & 49

Haedon Brunelle

An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Market Capitalization and Algorithmic Trading

Grant Benson

Incorporating Voluntary Environmental Certification Systems Into Models of International Trade

Madison Smith

Controlling California’s Pollution – the Merits of Grandfathering, Auctioning and Consigning

What was the Methodenstreit and Why the Heck Should We Care Today?

Jason Rowland