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Letter From The Dean

Welcome to the School of Education and Kinesiology

Welcome to the School of Education and Kinesiology (SEaK). Committed to providing an education distinguished by quality since 1891, Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) continues to embrace its primary mission: to empower students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, leadership, service and care – for others, their communities, and the Earth. Within the context of this mission, PLU offers the opportunity to pursue a variety of programs of academic excellence. In its institutional emphasis on scholarship, the University views the liberal arts and professional education as providing complementary perspectives for lifelong learning.

Working as a professional unit firmly embedded within the liberal arts tradition of PLU, SEaK is a significant force in the development of professional educators, practitioners and leaders who positively impact schools as well as a variety of private organizations and public agencies in and around the Puget Sound area. Building on the liberal arts, SEaK fosters a climate of intellectual challenge distinguished by passionate learning and committed teaching. Students and faculty members alike seek to apply and advance knowledge and discern relationships between their professional area of expertise and other branches of learning. Rigorous scholarship is enriched by active mentorship and collaboration. Faculty members in the SEaK are committed to the idea that their work as teachers and scholars must promote powerful learning in our students and that, our students will in turn, provide a powerful and positive impact on the constituents and communities they serve and the world around them.

SEaK is comprised of two strong departments, Education and Kinesiology. Education includes several graduate and undergraduate programs designed to help candidates develop the skills necessary to incarnate the passion they bring to education. Specifically, there are certification programs for teachers and principals as well as programs designed to enhance the skills of practicing educators.

Kinesiology programs are designed to provide quality academic professional preparation for undergraduate students in areas related to the study of human movement, especially as it supports the pursuit of lifelong physical activity and well being. Specifically, Kinesiology offers programs in health & fitness education, recreation, exercise science, pre-physical therapy, pre-athletic training and health & fitness promotion. These programs serve to prepare future leaders who will positively impact the health behaviors of individuals and of society through the education and promotion of life-sustaining and life-enhancing pursuits.

If you are interested in a high quality program that attempts to join the professional world in either education or movement studies with the rigors of academic excellence, then we believe that PLU might be the right choice for you. We encourage you to explore our web pages that describe our various programs and contact us if you have any further questions.


Terry Bergeson, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, School of Education & Kinesiology