Administrator PEAB

The administrator PEAB provides feedback and direction for the Principal and Program Administrator preparation programs as well as the Professional Certificate program for certified administrators.  The PEAB meets three times per year for business meetings and meets a fourth time to review completing principal candidate portfolios.

Administrator Professional Education Advisory Board Members

Heidi Barabe (2012-2015) Tacoma S.D.

Tim Bruce (2010-2013) PLU

Kenneth Evans (2011-2014) Tacoma S.D.

Kay Gallo (2011-2014) Sumner S.D.

Janet Gates-Cortez (2011-2014) Tacoma S.D

Benjamin Gauyan (2013-2016) Tacoma S.D.

Forrest Griek (2011-2014) Tukwila S.D.

Frank Hewins (2007-2010) Franklin-Pierce S.D.


Mike Hillis, PLU

Dr. Frank Kline, PLU

Angelo Mills (2014-2017) Puyallup S.D.

Vince Pecchia (2014-2017) Puyallup S.D.

Crys Sweeting (2014-2017) Puyallup S.D.

Steven Thomas (2011-2014) Mt. Rainier Lutheran H.S.

Vanessa Tucker, PLU

Michael VanBuskirk (2011-2014) Bethel S.D.