Academic Assistance

At the AAC, you’ll find free academic support services that can help you become a more effective, independent learner. Meet with a tutor, join a foreign language conversation group, work on study strategies, attend a group review session for one of your courses, or just stop by for free flashcards. Their office is located on the first floor of the library! Just enter through the main doors and turn left–they are down the hall in room 124, right before the Multimedia Services desk.

Campus Ministries

PLU Campus Ministry is a living and learning community that welcomes, celebrates, and engages the diverse spiritual and faith traditions of PLU students, staff and faculty members. Campus Ministry contributes to the exploration of big questions, nurturing spiritual lives and meaning making, engaging deeply with others who may have differing beliefs, and living in service with our neighbors.

Campus Safety and Parking

The Campus Safety office offers many services, including vehicle registration, parking permits, escorts, and emergency response. Students may obtain a parking permit from Campus Safety in Harstad Hall (entrance is on north side, lower level). Click here for a campus map showing reserved student parking and public parking lots on campus. Because graduate classes are scheduled in late afternoon and early evening hours, it is recommended that students leave their last class and walk to parking lots in groups. Students who are parked within four blocks of the campus may call Campus Safety (253-535-7441) to request an escort when returning to their cars. Campus Safety personnel can also assist if there are problems such as dead batteries or lock-outs.

Center for Gender Equity

Pacific Lutheran University’s Center for Gender Equity supports, challenges, and empowers students, staff, and faculty to combat gender-based oppression and enact positive social change. The center provides resources for: Advocacy and Response, Peer Education, Engagement and Outreach and Academic Programs centered around issues of gender and sexuality.

Counseling Center

The PLU Counseling Center is a free resource available to currently enrolled students. They are located on the third floor of the Loren and MaryAnn Anderson University Center.  During the academic year, they are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, and closed daily during the lunch hour. Some students need a place to develop coping skills for social, academic, and personal growth.  Other students face more complex problems like anxiety, depression, and similar concerns. The counseling center can offer help for all these challenges.

Disability Support Services

DSS is dedicated to ensuring equitable access and inclusion for all students with disabilities. They serve students with either temporary or permanent physical, health, learning, sensory or psychological disabilities. Students partner with their office, faculty, and staff to establish reasonable accommodations and services to receive equitable access to academic and co-curricular opportunities. Reasonable accommodation will be provided at no cost to the student on a case-by-case basis as recommended in the student’s documentation of a disability and as determined by the DSS Coordinator.

PLU Computer Labs

PLU students have access to a range of services on campus for their computing needs. The Help Desk in Mortvedt Library offers information and assistance to the PLU campus community. Go to their website for more information on computer labs, connecting your computer to the campus network, or resolving questions about your email account, SAKAI, etc.

Diversity Center

The Diversity Center is committed to empowering the PLU community to engage in dialogue, programs, and initiatives that promote and enhance equity, agency, and action. This center provides many events on campus throughout the year as well as a safe space to read, study, discuss and learn.

FERPA Policy

This policy was designed to protect the privacy of education records, to establish the right of students to inspect and review their education records, and to provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal and formal hearings. Click here to view the full policy and your rights as a student.

International Students

International Student Services offers information, support and advising to students who come to study at PLU from outside the United States. International students should contact this office if they are planning to apply to PLU or if they need assistance with Visas, immigration, or other information about living and studying in the U.S.

The Wang Center for Global and Community Engaged Education is another great resource for both International Students and PLU students who plan to study abroad during their education at PLU. The center provides information on grants, study abroad opportunities, and events on or near campus for students.

Multi- Faith Meditation & Prayer Space

PLU’s Multi-Faith Meditation and Prayer Space is located in the Anderson University Center, Room 205.  The door has Lute card access and is open to all PLU community members. This space is for individual prayer, meditation and reflection in hopes that it might be a place of grounding and renewal.

Office of Student Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Services seeks to provide comprehensive financial education, services and support for students, families and the PLU community. They work to accomplish their mission by assisting students and families in understanding their educational costs,  applying for financial aid funds, and exploring other possible funding options.  They assist students in navigating the financial aid application process and informing and assisting them in completing the steps necessary to receive their aid funds and communicating the policies that affect their continuing eligibility.


This offices  support includes: class registration, grading, transfer credit evaluation, degree evaluation, and academic record maintenance. The university’s curriculum advising and program planning tool (CAPP) is also managed by the office. In addition, the office produces the PLU Catalog and class schedule, and assists with commencement. Visit their website here.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

PLU SR&R Office seeks to provide a fair and equitable process for reviewing and responding to incidents. Its procedures have been developed with the goal that all students involved in any disciplinary matter are treated with fairness and in a manner consistent with other students. Inherent in the SR&R process is an element of flexibility that enables the university to address core issues of behavior.