Spanish Language

Course Description:
This workshop provides professionals with opportunities to learn the structure of the AP Spanish Language and Culture Course and Exam. The course will use the World Language National Standards as well as the new Common Core Standards. The new themes and organizing concepts will be examined and integrated into sample lessons and activities. The workshop will provide sample materials and classroom activities relating to the exam and its recent changes to the course. Recommendations on how to create and submit a syllabus will be share. Information, skills, and strategies will be discussed, practiced, and shared to help prepare language students for the course and successful growth in language acquisition. Participants will be actively participating and sharing best practices with the group. The entire session will be conducted in Spanish.

By the end of the workshop, the participants will:
• Be more familiar with the AP Language and Culture program
• Be familiar with the AP Language and Culture exam
• Be able to identify and select instructional materials and resources including technology
• Be able to identify instructional strategies and best practices for success in an AP Spanish Language and Culture course and exam
• Be able to identify possible tasks, skills and strategies for the changes in the exam
• Be able to develop and modify their existing curriculum to support the needs of their students.

What to bring:
• Copies of an activity, game, project that has worked well in your course previously.
• A laptop computer is recommended.

Course Schedule:

Day 1 – Monday: Review and introduction to the AP Spanish Language and Culture Course and Exam.

Day 2 – Tuesday: Integration and development of the interpretative mode of communication; emphasis on Section I, Multiple Choice Part A and B.

Day 3 – Wednesday: Integration and development of the Interpersonal and Presentational mode of Communication; emphasis on Section II, E-mail Reply and Persuasive Essay.

Day 4 – Thursday: Integration and development of the Interpersonal and Presentational mode of Communication; emphasis on Section II, Conversation and Cultural Comparison.


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Instructor Biography: 

Julio César Cabral sees education as a never ending puzzle. Although we all have an idea of what the outcome of the puzzle should be, putting the pieces together is not always easy.

Julio César Cabral has been a Spanish Teacher for 23 years. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from California State University, Los Angeles in 1995. He soon started working as a Spanish teacher for Los Angeles Unified School District. In 2000 he joined Oxnard Unified High School District as an AP Spanish teacher. For 18 years he has worked at HUENEME HIGH SCHOOL where he is responsible for providing education to students in the field of Spanish, levels 1, 2, 3, 4 AP. He developed a rigorous and high level curriculum for all Spanish native speaker classes. He held a position as the Department Chair of the ELD Department. He is responsible for the creation and organization of an AVID class in Spanish, directed to ELD students. While working as a teacher, he also works for the College Board as an AP READER. He is responsible for evaluating and scoring the free-response of the AP Spanish Exam. He is an AP CONSULTANT for the Western Regional Office, he has presented and share his expertise with other education professionals, he helps train both new and experienced educators throughout the Western Regional States. In addition, he presently serves as a member of the AP Spanish Language and Culture Test Development Committee; he is one of eight dedicated educators that play a critical role in the preparation of the AP Course Description and AP Exam. As a Committee member he has actively participated in face to face meetings to develop, review, and revise the AP Spanish Language and Culture Curriculum, Exams and Instructional Resources.

Julio César Cabral is a confident communicator; able to deliver clear and enthusiastic presentations to diverse audiences. His passion for learning and advising others has been fulfilling and he looks forward to growing and sharing his experiences and knowledge to impact today’s youth and fellow educators.