Computer Science A

Course Description

AP Computer Science A

In this 4-day workshop teachers will be introduced to the Java programming language features tested on the AP Computer Science A exam, but a working knowledge of Java is highly recommended prior to attending. The workshop will focus on the 10 units covered in the AP Computer Science A Course and Exam Description (new for Fall 2019), as well as the previously released labs (Magpie, Elevens, Picture) and the soon to be released labs. The AP Instructional Resources recently released by The College Board (Unit Guides, Performance Dashboard, AP Question Bank, Personal Progress Checks) will also be covered.

The workshop will include in-depth discussions of understanding the course, planning the course, teaching the course, assessing student progress and understanding, as well as the benefits of becoming a member of the AP Community. Past years’ AP multiple choice questions and free response questions will be utilized throughout the week, as well as simulating the free response grading process.

This will be a hands-on intensive workshop. Participants are required to bring their own laptops loaded with a Java IDE for daily work on programming assignments.

Course Schedule

Welcome and Introductions
Overview of AP Program, Resources, and Course and Exam Description
Karel J. Robot
Unit 1 – Primitive Types
Unit 2 – Using Objects

Unit 3 – Boolean Expressions and if Statements
Unit 4 – Iteration
Unit 5 – Writing Classes

Unit 6 – Array
Unit 7 – ArrayList
Unit 8 – 2D Array

Unit 9 – Inheritance
Unit 10 – Recursion
Grading AP CS A Exams Wrap up and give aways


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Instructor Biography

Debbie Klipp received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Computer Science minor from Pennsylvania State University in 1985, and a Master of Arts degree in Education from Rowan University in 1989. Debbie has been teaching AP Computer Science A since 1987 (New Jersey 23 years, and Florida 6 years).  She has been an AP Computer Science A Exam reader, table leader, or question leader since 1999 and has been an AP College Board consultant since 2001. She has conducted numerous one-day workshops and Summer Institutes across the country and internationally.  She enjoys working with teachers from across the country and looks forward to sharing ideas for teaching computer science.