Calculus AB

Course Description:

The workshop will focus on analysis of AP Calculus AB exam questions, syllabus construction using AP Audit guidelines, teaching strategies, and preparing students for success on the AP Calculus AB Exam.  Several hands-on activities will be completed using graphical, numerical, and analytic representations as well as a computer lab session focusing on selected websites.  Participants will be trained to score free response questions using the scoring standards and actual student samples used in briefing sessions at the AP Calculus AB Reading.  Highlights from the AP: Strategies for Success in AP Mathematics College Board workshop will also be discussed.

  • Included in Workshop:
    • College Board Workshop Handbook
    • Curriculum Materials and Activities
    • Sample Textbooks and/or E-books
    • TI-84 & TI Nspire Activities
    • Flash drive
  • Workshop Emphasis:
    • Familiarize the beginning AP teacher with the Calculus AB curriculum
    • Familiarize current AP teachers to the upcoming changes to the AB syllabus
    • Assist in lesson planning
    • Creating a syllabus for the audit review.
    • Assist with technology interface
    • Materials review
    • AP Exam review
    • Special topics:
      • Slope fields
      • Differential equations
      • The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus including integral functions.
      • The Mean Value Theorem.
      • Derivative of the inverse of a function.

Items Participates Should Bring: 

Writing utensils, notebook paper, a graphing calculator and a laptop

Course Schedule 

Schedule Available as institute nears 


Phone: 253-535-8790
Fax: 253-535-7184

Instructor Biography 

Connie Rigney has taught AP Calculus for over 30 years at Rim of the World High School. In addition, she has been lucky enough to work for the College Board for 20 years now, filling positions as Reader, Table Leader and Question Team Member.  It is this knowledge and experience that Connie hopes to share with you at the Summer Institute this week!