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APUSH workshop for the summer of 2016

You should be familiar now with the rollout of the NEW course redesign for APUSH. Before this workshop please go to APCENTRAL at collegeboard.com and download the NEW updated guide from the fall of 2015.

The focus of the workshop this summer will be quite different. If you have attended a workshop here or another site in the past couple of years PLEASE consider attending this workshop this summer. Consultants across the country have been provided with new material from the College Board to use in the APUSH institutes this summer. This material will be a great asset to all who attend the sessions this summer. The focus of the past two years has been the course redesign with much of the attention to the summer workshops across the country solely on the rollout of the new design and its implications on your AP course at your school. Although we will spend a little time on the design of the course, we will be focusing on writing strategies, work with primary documents, and focus on the 7 themes, 4 broad thinking skills categories, and the 9 historical thinking skills. The intent of this new content is to better prepare the teachers to present information in their classrooms that will help give you strategies for teaching content and the delivery of that content. We will also have some time to look at your course syllabus.

The College Board has made some HUGE changes to the APUSH website at APCENTRAL. There are now many training modules available for you to access. There is also a way to earn CEU credits for professional development. Check these modules out and also check with your school district to see if you can use these module trainings and certificates for PD growth and possible clock hours.


Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have about the session at PLU in July. I look forward to working with you when we get together.



Phone: 253-535-8378
Fax: 253-535-7184
Email: profdev@plu.edu

Instructor Biography

Ron Olson is a graduate of Adams State College – MA-Secondary Education and New Mexico State University – BS-History and English. He is also a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in Social Studies (2007). He has taught for 33 years in a variety of locations with the past ten years at Clover Park High School in Lakewood, WA. He is currently teaching AP Government (going into his 4th year), he has taught APUS History or 14 years, and has conducted several one-day and one-week AP workshops as a College Board Faculty Consultant over the past 15 years in various locations. In addition, Ron is a retired reader for APUSH having scored exams for nine years. Ron has also worked for PLU as a facilitator for NBCT and ProCert candidates, and has worked for 4 years for Pearson scoring NBCT portfolio entries and scored for the TPA pilot in 2012.
In 2013 and 2014, Ron attended faculty consultant trainings in Chicago and Las Vegas for training for the
APUSH course re-design. He is very well aware of the new changes and challenges facing teachers of APUSH courses. He is planning a very practical workshop session geared to make you successful in the roll out of the new course.
Most recently, Ron traveled to Beijing (2010) and Seoul (2011) on educator spring break trips with SNA Education Group out of Vancouver, BC. and went on his first cruise to Alaska in 2013.At the end of the day, Ron returns home to his two Cocker Spaniels – Groban and Sparky – and enjoys cooking, photography with his new Canon T3i, and spending time with friends – he is also addicted to “Words with
Friends” and is an avid Star Trek fanatic.

Ron Olson