Macro/ Micro Economics

Course Description:
The Advanced Placement Economics class for educators will focus on the needs of the participants and will update you on the current trends of the 2017 exam results. As the group identifies areas of need such as absolute and comparative advantage, currency markets, the flow of funds in the loanable funds market, stabilization policies, producer and consumer surplus, market structures and game theory, we will use exam questions and the results of the most current exam to enhance teaching practices. During the four days, the course will review the traditional topics the exam covers and introduce new information to help teachers deliver content to their own classroom. We will work collaboratively and share best practices. There may be some time in a computer lab but please bring your own laptop or tablet to enhance the time and productivity. Please come with your best ideas too. Many times students in the APSI will share an idea and the whole group will take home a “new” idea. See you this summer.

Preparation for the Pacific Lutheran University Institute:
Welcome to the APSI which will cover Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. If you are new to teach AP Economics, try to discover which textbook your school has selected to use for the course. Identify if the course is a yearlong or a semester course. Does your school offer Macro, Micro or both topics? Once you have determined that information, please read the first two introductory chapters of your textbook. They topics should include scarcity, opportunity costs, thinking like an economist, marginal benefit, marginal cost and economic systems. If your school has not selected a textbook, try to find an AP Economics textbook, you might use and read those two introductory chapters.

Items Participants Should Bring: 

If you are an experienced economics teachers, determine if there is a great lesson you already use and would like to share with the other participants. There will be an opportunity for you to share. I will email as we get close to the week and let you know how many other participants will be at the institute. Additionally, if you have read an economic book or you have a favorite author of an economic book, bring the book or the author and we will start a reading list. Please bring a laptop or a device to work with while at the Institute.


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Instructor Biography:
My name is Nora Seager and I have been teaching for the last 20 years. I consider myself lucky to be allowed to teach every year in Economics. I have a BA in Economics and worked as a CPA before changing careers and entering the teaching profession. I have been teaching Advanced Placement for 17 years. I have been an exam reader for 13 years and within those years moved up to leadership for seven. This is my third year serving as a consultant and working with teachers. Currently, I teach four sections each semester of Macroeconomics at University High School located in Irvine, Ca. Additionally, I serve as a Board member of the California Association of School Economic Teachers (CASET). Another area of professional development comes from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Educator Advisory Group in 2015. I hope to help you learn about the content but also the amazing resource the College Board can be for your course and your personal career goals. Finally, working with the College Board and the APSI program provides me with the opportunity to learn new best practices from the many educators attending the Institutes.