Computer Science A

Course Description

AP Computer Science A

This course is for both new and experienced AP Computer Science A teachers. We will explore the materials and resources released by the Collegeboard for AP Computer Science A, including the Course and Exam Description (CED), AP Classroom, and the new labs. We will also discuss some popular curriculum and resources like codeHS, CS Awesome, codingbat, and PracticeIt. The CED defines the subset of Java that is used on the AP exam and participants should be able to understand and code in Java, however participants with other programming knowledge may benefit.

During the week participants will work through coding problems. A laptop with Java and an IDE (examples will be using BlueJ) installed on it is required. Planning, sequencing (alternatives to the Unit sequence in the CED), and assessing students will be discussed. For experienced/interested teachers, grading the free response questions will be practiced.

What to Bring:
Laptop, copy of textbook that you use, if any, a list of questions that you would like answered


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Instructor Biography

Mr. Kyle Gillettee has been teaching computer science and mathematics for 32 years, the last 20 in Colorado‚Äôs Jefferson County Public Schools. He attended Austin College ’81 – ’86 and received a BA in Mathematics and English and an MA in Secondary Education. Then he attended University of Texas at Dallas from 1986 – 1990 pursuing an MS in Computer Science. Mr. Gillette is a current faculty consultant for the College Board (since 2002) and has been an AP Computer Science exam reader in the past.

Kyle Gillettee