European History

Course Description:

This workshop will provide participants with the tools needed to implement an effective AP European History course. Participants will explore the AP historical thinking skills and reasoning processes and the components of the course framework, including learning objectives. Participants will learn how to use activities that develop students’ proficiencies in the processes and skills identified by the course framework. In addition, a course plan will be developed by each participant to help them decide when and how to teach the processes and skills as well as the content of AP European History.
Instructional methods will include lecture, discussions, large groups, small groups, and individual work.

Items Participants Should Bring:

A laptop as this will be a paperless endeavor: I will be providing you with access to a cloud-based resource folder.
The textbook you are using in class already or might be adopting soon.

AP European History APSI Agenda:
Day 1 morning
Equity and Access
Understanding the Unit Guide
Understanding the Themes
Exploring the Unit Guides

Day 1 afternoon
AP Historical Thinking Skills and Reasoning Processes
Developing Student Understanding
Developments and Processes; and Note taking strategies
Making Connections – Causation

Day 2 morning
Making Connections – Continuity and Change
Making Connections – Comparison

Day 2 afternoon
How to write a thesis and the Power of Word Choice

Day 3 morning
Analyzing Primary Sources
Analyzing Secondary Sources
Score an LEQ
Score a DBQ
Score a SAQ

Day 3 afternoon
Strategies for Teaching the Course
Assessing Student Understanding
Curricular Requirements and Syllabus Development
New College Board Resources (flexible placement)

Day 4 all day
Work on unit or lesson
Final evaluation of APSI


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Instructor Biography

Ken LeSage is a certified College Board consultant with 24 years of teaching experience at Lewis-Palmer High School. Nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak, this public school is the only one in the state of Colorado to be awarded the distinction of being on the AP honor roll for four consecutive years. He has 21 years of experience teaching AP European History. He has been a Reader for 19 years of the European History Exam. He has served as a Table Lead for the Short Answer Questions since their implementation. Ken uses his extensive global travels and his Professional Learning Communities to keep his content up to date and his teaching style accessible and relevant. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his Masters in Education from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Ken LeSage