Macro/ Micro Economics

Course Description:
New and experienced teachers will gain hands-on experience through an intensive review of all models and concepts covered in both the AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics exams, testing details and time management. Learn how to submit a successful course audit application and plan an engaging course. Examine teaching materials that will form the basis of preparation for aiding students in successful completion of the AP Macroeconomics exams and enrichment of the classroom experience. Gain confidence to teach all the models tested in the AP exams, and learn the nuances expected of each model by the College Board. Participate in a variety of active lessons, learn how to integrate sources of real-world economic analysis and data into classroom activities, and share best lessons or tips for teaching challenging economic concepts. Learn best practices for teaching students to write compelling FRQ responses and to see connections between the interrelated economic models. Participants will receive copies of digital files, including PowerPoints, activities, and graphics files for all the economic models, as well as sample copies of the most widely used textbooks. These resources will ensure that even teachers brand new to AP economics will feel confident in their materials, starting on their first day of class.

Items Participants Should Bring: 

notebook or paper for taking notes and a laptop or tablet computer

Course Schedule:

Day 1
• Setting Up Your AP Economics Course
• Equity and Success in AP Economics enrollment
• Resources
• The Exams: Format; Preparation for; as Resources
• Basic Concepts Common to both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
◦ Opportunity Cost
◦ Comparative Advantage
◦ Production Possibility Frontier
◦ Demand and Supply

Day 2
• Macroeconomics Topics
◦ Definitions: GDP, Unemployment, Inflation, Growth
◦ Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
◦ Money Market
◦ Loanable Funds
◦ Fiscal and Monetary Policy
◦ Phillips Curve
◦ Foreign Exchange
• Trouble Spots
• Exam: Review of Free-Response Questions
• Effective Instructional Practices

Day 3
• Microeconomics Topics
◦ Elasticity
◦ Consumer Choice
◦ Perfect Competition
◦ Monopoly
◦ Game Theory
◦ Factor Markets
• Trouble Spots
• Exam: Review of Free-Response Questions
• Effective Instructional Practices

Day 4
• Secondary topics as time allows
◦ Externalities: Taxes and Subsidies
◦ National Debt
◦ Trade Deficit/Surplus
◦ Lorenz Curve
◦ Time Value of Money
◦ Government Regulation
• Review of topics, as requested by participants
• Exams: Most recent fully-released exams; Grading; Topics to Watch


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Instructor Biography:
Richard Trinkner loves teaching AP economics and has shared his enthusiasm with students for 25 years in six countries. He has taught at Boulder High School since 2005. He earned his BA from Pomona College and an MA from Stanford University, and holds graduate certificates from the University of Colorado in both economics and finance. He is National Board certified and has been an AP Macroeconomics exam reader since 2012. In 2008, the Colorado Council for Economics Economics named him the Economics Teacher of the Year, and in 2012 Boulder High’s students and parents awarded him the annual Mary Taylor Award as one of the school’s most outstanding teachers. He was named the 2013 Colorado Stock Market Experience teacher of the year. He twice coached state-champion Fed Challenge teams and his 2008 team finished in the top seven nationally. His students have won the Colorado Stock Market Experience competition several times and were twice state champions in the NCEE’s Econ Challenge in the AP division, finishing 13th in the nation. While away from teaching between 1997 and 2003, he worked as a technical writer, software engineer, and finally as a business strategy consultant and IT research director for Gartner, Inc. Richard lives in Boulder, Colorado, and enjoys birding, mountaineering, scuba diving, homebrewing, cycling, jazz, cooking and reading.

Richard Trinkner