Course Description:

This AP Statistics course will highlight topics from the four basic content areas for new and less experienced statistics teachers focusing on content. We will explore activities to build statistical thinking and take a careful look at AP exam questions. There will be discussion of technology, supplemental materials, AP grading, differentiated instruction, and ideas to build your program. This is a great course to help start off teaching AP stats, plus opportunities for those looking for new ideas.

• Participants will increase their knowledge about what a quality AP Statistics course should offer.
• Participants will learn new activities that enrich their AP Statistics classes.
• Participants will improve their statistical knowledge.
• Participants will be equipped to deepen their students’ understanding of statistical concepts.
• Participants will have developed techniques for assessing their students’ communication of statistical ideas and tools for improving student skills in communication.
• Participants will implement statistical activities in their classroom that deepens statistical understanding.
• Participants will instruct their students in long-run simulations.

Items Participants Should Bring:

• Your favorite graphing calculator
• A thumb drive for extra files and goodies


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Fax: 253-535-7184

Instructor Biography:

Jared Derksen lives with his family in sunny Southern California. He has taught mathematics students from 7th grade through college since 1991. Beginning in 1998, he has focused on teaching AP Statistics. In the summer of 2000 he co-created a Frequently Asked Questions website for the use of the AP Statistics discussion forum. He became an AP Reader in 2004. As a content creator, he has written material for CollegeBoard/AP Central and for Casio Education. He also contributes to the Bock and Velleman series of statistics textbooks—writing and updating exercises and the teacher resources. In his free time he enjoys his family, the Dodgers, good food, and great books.

Jared Derksen