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PLU Instructor Academy: Increase retention, encourage persistence and invite success

Pacific Lutheran University Instructor Academy is a multiple-session professional development opportunity that allows participants to:

  • understand learning theory to enhance instructional practices
  • improve instructional strategies
  • expand diversity and inclusion practices

Evaluate your classrooms to increase retention, persistence and success. Meet face-to-face with a facilitator and colleagues to learn and expand ideas. Apply your learning in the field with support from the instructor and colleagues. After implementing new ideas, return to a face-to- face environment to review, strategize and enhance learning.

Workshops are offered through the following strands:

Diversity and Inclusion
Adult Learning
Special Education

Workshop Meeting Schedule:

Meeting 1 – 4-hour face to face workshop

Between Meeting 1 and Meeting 2 – about 7 hours of online asynchronous study, discussion, and collaboration

Meeting 2 – 4-hour face to face workshop

Pacific Lutheran University Instructor Academy Certificate of Completion

At least 1 workshop from each of the 5 strands.

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