English Language Learners Summer Endorsement

Teachers accepted into the program may complete required coursework in one summer.  The program includes real-time online (synchronous) instruction, with asynchronous learning modules.  Course content and expectations are rigorous and will demand the full-time attention of the candidate throughout the endorsement process. Expected Outcomes: Teachers completing the ELL summer program are prepared to work effectively with students who are English Language Learners, reflect on contemporary issues and positively impact student learning. Participants will learn to intentionally use:

  • Theories and Research of Language Acquisition
  • Specific Instructional Methods
  • Effective Management Tools
  • Knowledge of Culture and Linguistics
  • Differentiated Instruction

Program Structure

The ELL program runs from the middle of May to the middle of August.  Class meeting times are scheduled to accommodate working P-12 professionals with online class meetings in the late afternoon, evenings, and some Saturdays. Participants take 8 courses (18 credits) and a Pedagogy Assessment (5 credits). For ELL add-on endorsement participants, the Pedagogy Assessment will take place in the Fall in a school district local to you. We will work closely with you and PLU’s Placement Coordinator to schedule your placement.  Participants will need to secure their own host classroom through a joint approval process. Students will also need to take and pass the West-E.  Be sure to select to have your scores sent directly to PLU during the registration process.

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ELL Summer 2017 Class Schedule

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Program Requirements

Technology requirements:  To successfully participate in the online class meetings you will need to have a webcam and headphones with a microphone (an internal mic on your computer will not work) as well as a stable internet connection. To successfully earn your add-on endorsement, you will need to pass all of the endorsement coursework with a B- or higher  as well as pass the West-E and your Pedagogy Assessment.  You must also submit all required paperwork in a timely manner and pay tuition and fees as they are due.  Not complying with the requirements may cause a delay in your endorsement.