What are Vulnerable Populations?

Vulnerable populations include individuals with physical and mental disabilities as well as individuals with other special health concerns such as the elderly, and individuals with English as a second language who might have difficulty accessing information in the case of an emergency, or children who may not have the skills to respond effectively during an emergency.

Anyone who may need special assistance in the case of an emergency can be considered vulnerable.

Create A Plan That Meets Your Unique Needs

Identify friends, teachers, or colleagues who may be able to support you during an emergency and tell them what you need.

How will you receive notification that an emergency is happening?

Review the PLU standard response procedures and determine how you may need to modify them for your unique needs.

Prepare an emergency kit that meets your needs. Include medication, pad of paper & pen for communication, batteries for special equipment, toys for children, etc.

The Disability Services Website contains emergency planning resources for disabled persons and those who may assist a disabled person during an emergency.

Assisting Vulnerable People

Be aware of individuals in your class, office, or residence hall who may require assistance during an emergency. In preparation, ask those individuals if and how they would like to receive assistance during different types of incidents. For instance, a person may require special notification or help with evacuation. Different incidents may require different help.