Connections abound in the English Department

The Department of English is exceptionally connected to the broad academic offerings of Pacific Lutheran University.

Valuing the craft of language, especially languages other than English, the department’s faculty plays a role in PLU’s commitment to international education. Department faculty recently taught courses in London, Paris, Trinidad, Cuba, Ecuador, Australia, and South Africa.

Many English majors also journey to these places in addition to such locations as China, Ireland, Norway, Spain, New Zealand, and Central America.

All department faculty teach in the First-Year Experience Program a specially designed program geared towards ensuring first-year students make a comfortable and successful beginning of their college scholarship. Department faculty are also teaching in the Core II: International Core program, a series of courses with a global, world-view perspective.

English faculty provide leadership and teach in a variety of other interdisciplinary programs, including Gender, Sexuality & Race Studies, Global Studies, and Environmental Studies.

Outside of the classroom, many English majors are actively involved in PLU’s student publications. Some write regular columns or stories for The Mast, PLU’s weekly newspaper. English majors often help to produce, or contribute to, Saxifrage (an annual creative arts publication) and The Matrix (a bi-monthly issued-driven student journal). Some English majors also serve as peer consultants at the Writing Center, a resource for students who would like consultation on their written assignments or would simply like to improve their writing skills.