The Writing Major at PLU

The English major with a Writing emphasis offers students an opportunity for intensive practice in imaginative, analytical and pragmatic modes of writing. Students learn to shape their writing for particular audiences and settings, as well as expanding their own creative, stylistic and interpretive gifts.

Students develop writing skills in several genres, extensively and carefully reading great writers and reflecting on theoretical and practical issues raised by the making of meaning.

Studies in poetry and fiction are complimented by courses in autobiographical writing, the personal essay, writing for children and freelance writing.

A disciplined experience in the written word develops broad vision, fresh perception and the more sophisticated skills of analysis, interpretation and communication. Thus, English offers excellent preparation for any future requiring complex thinking, skill in writing and discernment in reading.

By completing an English major with a Writing emphasis, undergraduates learn to integrate their thinking, inquiry and writing skills in order to adapt to a large range of creative and professional settings.

After graduation, some will create imaginative writing through freelance work. Some will move into writing positions in law, science, business or other industries. And others will find themselves ready to pursue advanced degrees. This emphasis opens a world of options to you.

For information about requirements for the major and minor in English, please see the catalog.