Minor in Children's Literature and Culture

Alice in Wonderland Illustration
Alice in Wonderland Illustration

PLU’s minor in Children’s Literature and Culture (CHLC) is designed to give students practical knowledge and critical literacy around childhood and youth. This minor helps students prepare for advanced study and careers in fields involving children’s literature, childhood studies, creative writing, and education. Students in the CHLC minor engage in a popular and diversifying discipline with high standards for critical literacy and the university’s mission of service and care. In addition, those looking ahead to graduate school are prepared to apply to vibrant national and international graduate programs in children’s literature and childhood/youth studies at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels.

The CHLC minor requires 20 semester hours of coursework, including three core courses that all students must take: ENGL 235: Children’s Literature (formerly ENGL 333); ENGL 334: Special Topics in Children’s Literature; and an interdisciplinary course in multimedia representations of childhood and youth, CHLC 336: Childhood and Culture. ENGL 235 typically is offered in the Fall semester, to enable students to begin the minor with the start of the school year. In addition to the 12-semester-hour core, students take two electives across a variety of departments (see catalog copy). Up to two courses can be counted toward both a CHLC minor and another minor or major, including English-Writing, English-Literature, or Publishing and Printing Arts.

For additional information about upcoming courses and on getting started with the CHLC minor, please contact Nathalie op de Beeck, Director of the Children’s Literature Minor and Associate Professor of English (opdebena@plu.edu).

Children’s Literature and Culture Minor (CHLC)
20 semester hours including:

Three courses are required
12 semester hours

  • ENGL 235: Children’s Literature
  • ENGL 334: Special Topics in Children’s Literature
  • CHLC 336: Childhood and Culture

In addition to the above 12 semester hour core, students take two elective courses (8 semester hours) selected from the following list:

  • CLAS 350: Classical and Comparative Mythology
  • EDUC 205: Multicultural Perspectives in the Classroom
  • EDUC 385: Comparative Education
  • EDUC 428: Children’s Literature in the K-8 Curriculum
  • ENGL 326: Writing for Children
  • ENGL 335: Fairy Tales and Fantasy
  • PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC 320: Development Across the Lifespan
  • PSYC 420: Adolescent Psychology
  • SCAN 241: Scandinavian Folklore

When including at least one substantial project relating to childhood and youth, the following courses may also be used for the minor. Should a student wish to complete one or more of these options as a CHLC elective in a given semester, she or he must receive approval from the course instructor and the CHLC advisor before the end of the semester’s drop/add period:

  • ARTD 101: Drawing 1
  • ARTD 110: Graphic Design 1
  • ARTD 201: Drawing 2
  • ARTD 210: Graphic Design 2
  • COMA 301: Media and Cultural Criticism
  • COMA 401: Visual Culture
  • ENGL 311/COMA 321: The Book in Society
  • MUSI 101: Introduction to Music

Up to two courses (eight semester hours) can be counted toward both a Children’s Literature and Culture Minor and another minor or major.

Selected internship programs, regularly offered courses taught with a childhood/youth theme, and special topics courses may be included in the minor program with the approval of the Children’s Literature and Culture adviser and the faculty member teaching the affected course.

Dr. Nathalie op de Beeck
Department English
Phone: 253-535-8773
email: opdebena@plu.edu