Posted by: Date: May 5, 2017

by Jenny James

Every semester, PLU English faculty, students and community members come together to celebrate the work of our excellent graduating senior English majors.  This semester’s senior capstone presentations illustrate the great variety of creative and critical work that makes up our department’s dynamic curriculum in English Studies.

On Thursday May 18th and Friday May 19th, students focusing their studies in Writing will share their culminating creative projects in fiction and poetry.  And also on Friday May 19th, students focusing their studies in Literature will share their critical research projects on the literature of Toni Morrison. Profs. Rick Barot, Jenny James and Jason Skipper will be on hand to introduce the presenters and be at hand to help facilitate faculty/student conversations.  Please join us for this English @ PLU tradition!

Event Details

Seminar in Poetry Writing 
Thursday May 18th, AUC Room 133
5:45PM Emily Khilfeh, “Only Myths”
6:30PM Clayton Regehr, “Eight Hundred Gouaches”
7:15PM Hilary Vo, “Gold Camry”

Seminar in Fiction
Thursday May 18th, AUC Regency Room
5:00PM Lyz Frerking, “Remnant”
5:45PM Evan Farley, “Mother’s Touch”
6:30PM Harper Schultz, “Phantom Eye”
7:15PM Annalise Campbell, “Welcome to Cut and Dry Hair”
8:00PM Jesse Herinckx, “Rock Never Wrong”

Friday May 19th, AUC Regency Room
10:00AM Kai Russell, “The Perfect Death”
10:45AM Shelan Porter, “Stumbling Strength”
11:30AM Isabel Olson-Boger, “What It’s Like to be Afraid of the Dark”
1:00PM Tyler Schwartz, “Makeshift Wings”
1:45PM Emily Khilfeh, “Any Kind of Bird”

Seminar in Literature
Friday May 19th, AUC Room 213

10:00AM Kyndall Hoff,  “‘So we paid very good attention to ourselves’: Love and Care in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye”
10:45AM Allison Lacombe, “Becoming the Bard: Self-Discovery through Oral Traditions in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
12:15PM Shanna Postlewait, “‘Hear a tua mae’: Reclaiming of Female Slave Identity in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy”
1:00PM Julianna Schaus, “‘I am become wilderness’: Animal/Human Interaction in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy”

Spring 2017 Humanities Capstone Program


Photo Credit: “Apple Blossoms,” George Inness