Grace DeMun

Following graduation, I will be starting a year-long position as the Operations Intern for the National Bureau of Asian Research. In addition to administrative tasks, I will also have the opportunity to learn more about research efforts and about the non-profit sector of business management. I had a taste of this when I worked as a grant writing intern at the Harbor History Museum last fall, but I’m hoping to further hone my writing and researching abilities in this new position. Although I have little experience in studying Asian cultures, I have plenty of experience in critical analysis and research, which I have gained from my English Literature courses and from the many wonderful professors within the English department at PLU.

Though I originally planned on declaring an English minor, I was inspired by Professor Ramos, Professor Kaufman, Professor Marcus, and the many other amazing educators at PLU to become an English major and pursue my love of reading and storytelling. I cannot wait to continue these interests when I pursue a Master’s degree a few years down the line (when I hopefully have fewer student loans!)

For all of the lutes who will be graduating in the near future with an English degree, just remember–your degree doesn’t have to directly match what your future employment plans are! As long as you are continuing to follow what you are interested in and you are challenging yourself along the way, the lessons you learn at PLU and the friends you make will always be there to help and support you. Another thing: it always helps to ask for advice! I work for the Career Connections Office on campus and I cannot say enough how much Allie Grill, Tommy Skaggs, and the rest of the team there helped me in my employment search for post-grad.