Laura Johnson

After graduation, I plan to work this summer at the PLU Archives as an Archives assistant. After this, I will be taking a year or so off and be applying for graduate school programs. When school started last fall, I realized that I was not ready to make the commitment of this next step in my education. Throughout my time as an English major I have learnt two extremely valuable lessons: first, to be open to different opportunities that you want but think are risks and second, there is never any one right path for your future. I started my time at PLU as a biology major but through learning these lessons, I have ended as an English major and beyond happy with these decisions. In the long term, I know that my time at PLU has given me the goals of wanting to be involved with education, whether that is teaching or working an academic environment. For any sophomore and juniors, I would offer the following advice when faced with what to do in preparation for graduation and the world after: it is important to have conversations with people (either your professors, your family, and friends) to get advice and support in thinking about your future. However, at the end of the day you are the person that knows yourself the best. Saying no to something sometimes will lead to being able to say yes to something you never imagined would even happen.