Evan Eskew, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

Evan Eskew, faculty

Office Location:Rieke Science Center - Room 146

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My research focuses on the conservation and disease ecology of wildlife. I aim to produce information that can guide applied conservation efforts and improves our understanding of infectious diseases in both wildlife and humans. Recently, I’ve also become interested in the impacts of the global wildlife trade. I pursue these research topics using a variety of approaches, including field studies, laboratory-based experiments, and statistical modeling. More concretely, some of my past projects have involved: 1) field sampling of reptiles and amphibians to establish occupancy and abundance patterns that may be influenced by anthropogenic habitat change, 2) experimental exposure studies to help tease apart the mechanisms underlying host susceptibility to an amphibian disease, and 3) curation and release of wildlife trade data, including scientific software to support data access and analysis.