Instructional Resources Committee (IRC)

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Membership: Three members, selected from the faculty for three-year overlapping terms.

Advisory Membership: Provost; associate vice-president, facilities management; director of user services/information & technology services; registrar; a representative from the office of advancement; and one student selected by Associated Students of PLU.  Committee. Consistent with Article IV, Section 4, Subsection 4b, g of the Faculty Bylaws, advisory members shall have the same rights and privileges as any other member of the committee except the right to make motions and vote.

General Purpose:

  1. To advance the educational mission of the university with respect to information technology, learning spaces, the library, and related services and resources.
  2. To represent the faculty, and to advise the provost and the president on issues related to information technology, learning spaces and the library.
  3. To set priorities for Information & Technology Services in the alignment of its resources to reflect the needs of the faculty and students of the university.
  4. To set priorities for the maintenance and improvement of all learning spaces on campus


  1. One member to serve as chair of this committee and member of Faculty Executive Committee.
  2. One member to serve as a representative to Capital Expenditures Committee.

Specific Duties:

  1. To promote communication among faculty, students, staff, and administrators on matters related to instructional technology, learning spaces, the library.
  2. To establish criteria for quality learning spaces, including (but not limited to) the design, location, and provisioning of these spaces.
  3. To review the quality of instructional spaces across campus and make recommendations for maintenance and improvement to classrooms, labs and other learning spaces.
  4. To advocate resource allocations according to important trends in curriculum and information and technology services.
  5. To make recommendations in the allocation of capital improvement and equipment funds through membership in and communication related to the Budget Advisory Committee, and the Capital Expenditures Committee.
  6. To advise the administration of the university in order to express faculty concerns and interests regarding the allocation of budgeted funds for  instructional technology, instructional spaces, the library, the bookstore and other instructional resources.
  7. To make a written report to the faculty at least once a year. The chair of the committee shall file a record of the committee’s activities in duplicate reports–one with the faculty secretary and one with the president of the university at the close of the school year.

Membership for 2022-23:

Name: Amanda Sweger (
Theatre and Dance
Committee Seat: 
Expires 2023

Name: Cassio Vianna (
Committee Seat: 
Expires 2024

Name: Cathleen Kim (
Committee Seat: 
Expires 2024