Programs and Services

Early each semester the Office of the Provost requests proposals from faculty for teaching grants that challenge and inform us as teachers as well as provide opportunities to collaborate with colleagues both within disciplines and across campus.

Possible ideas for proposals include, but would not be limited to: supporting faculty development on course design; effective strategies for assessing student learning; dealing with emotionally charged topics in the classroom; or, structuring a sustained conversation among a group of faculty on a text or topics that will enhance their teaching.  Grants may be submitted by a group of faculty or by an individual to fund research, workshops, or other cooperative efforts across the University.  These funds are not intended to cover normal faculty travel expenses.

During fall and spring semesters the Office of the Provost sponsors SGID consulting.  SGID consultants offer faculty feedback to better understand students’ perceptions of your course.  Consultations are usually done mid-semester.

The goals of SGID are to further student learning; to assure anonymous, confidential, timely exchange between teachers and students on their mutual perceptions of course-in-progress; and to support teaching as a communicative art SGID feedback is strictly confidential and is seen only by the SGID consultant and the individual who makes the request and cannot be used in reviews, tenure, or promotion.

An instructional designer is available to help faculty with a variety of instructional needs related to teaching, learning, and technology. Visit the instructional design page for more information.