Innovative Teaching Grants

During the academic year the Office of the Provost makes available to university faculty members a number of awards for the purpose of stimulating teaching and learning. These awards are intended to aid the faculty member whose spur-of-the-moment idea or out-of-the-ordinary method promises improved instruction for a specific class or series of classes.

Proposals are considered when funds are not otherwise available from departmental, divisional, or school sources. Funds from this source are not for the purpose of providing normal operating services, or for the continuation of programs which are currently in place. Generally, they are not intended for the purchase of instructional equipment.

Innovative Teaching Awards are administered by the Provost and normally do not exceed $300. Each applicant is given prompt consideration and decisions are reported within two weeks.

Application forms are available below. Proposals must include a description of the project, a method for evaluation, and a full statement of budget needs, together with a time-schedule. In addition, proposals must indicate the affected student population and the specific course or courses involved. A final report is due to the Provost within thirty days of project completion.

Applications from faculty members should be forwarded to the Provost ( once reviewed and signed by Department Chair and/or School Division Dean. Applications are considered on a rolling basis, and may be submitted throughout the year.