New Faculty Mentoring Program

The Office of the Provost has set up a mentoring program for new tenure-track faculty – in their first and second year at PLU. This program represents a process intended to offer intentional and structured support for the success of newly hired faculty at PLU. While not required, it is highly recommended that faculty collaborate with their chair (or dean) to take advantage of this support.

PLU’s new faculty program includes a two-day orientation at the beginning of their first year, and meetings in cohort groups for workshops on a range of topics over their first and second years.  An important aspect of this program is to provide multiple opportunities to introduce faculty members to the expectations of the university, and to their academic responsibilities.  An important component of this introduction is meeting faculty members both within the particular department and school as well as across the university, supporting a discovery of common interests, possible collaborations, and recognition of colleagues within the community.

What is the mentoring program?

Each new faculty member is assigned three mentors:

  • One from their home department
  • One from within their division/school, but outside the department
  • One from an external division/school.

The goals of this program include:

  • Introduce new faculty to faculty members in their division/school/department.
  • Introduce new faculty to faculty members across campus.
  • Provide new faculty members with informal feedback on teaching that support the development of excellent teaching strategies as outlined in the Criteria for Tenure and Promotion in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Provide new faculty members with the opportunity to observe excellent teaching across campus.
  • Provide new faculty members with avenues for understanding the culture and expectations of the university, and the department/school/division.

What is the time commitment?

For the mentor (about 3 hours during the academic year):

  • Meet with the mentee (who has shared their syllabus with the mentor) to discuss course construction and management, and any issues of concern the mentee has
  • Observe the mentee teaching in a classroom setting
  • Have a follow up meeting with the mentee to provide informal feedback
  • Extend an invitation to the mentee to visit your classroom to observe teaching and/or help coordinate similar visits with other faculty whose teaching might be of benefit to the mentee to observe.
  • Report to the chair/dean and the Associate Provost that the process has taken place, but not the content of the discussion. An email documenting the process has been completed is all that is requested. 

For the mentee (about 6 hours during the academic year):

  • Provide each mentor with course syllabus and any other instructional materials considered useful.
  • Meet with each mentor before the mentee teaching
  • Arrange for each mentor to visit a class
  • Meet with each mentor after the mentor observes mentee teaching

You can download this document for more details about the program and the process.

How can you get involved?

New tenure-track faculty will be assigned mentors by the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs, consulting with the mentee’s chair and dean. Multi-year visiting faculty who start at PLU with a particular cohort group (e.g., a three-year visitor starting with the Fall 2020 tenure-track cohort) may opt in to the process at the request of their dean and/or chair

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, contact Jan Lewis, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Programs at or 253-535-7283.

Questions? Please contact the Office of the Provost at (253)535-7126 or