What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is the analysis of learning needs and the systematic development of instruction. Drawing upon expertise in educational research, technology, and best practice, designers collaborate with subject matter experts (faculty or staff) to create high-quality instruction aligned to learning goals.

Instructional Design Services Include:

  • Developing a new course or redesigning an existing course
  • Integrating appropriate technology and learning tools into instruction
  • Reviewing and writing learning objectives
  • Evaluating options for instructional delivery
  • Developing assessments and rubrics
  • Exploring engaging student activities and assignments
  • Creating instructional materials and learning objects
  • Addressing multiple intelligences, special needs, and changing learning preferences
  • Utilizing course management system sites to improve students’ learning experiences
  • Developing flipped, blended, or online courses

For consultations, professional development opportunities, or support contact:

Dana Shreaves
(253) 535-7572
Mortvedt Library 329

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