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Kandel-Oleksak Scholarship Form

Application for Kandel-Oleksak Scholarship

All applicants must submit the following:
  • A completed application (below). A resume may also be submitted in addition to completing this form but is not required.

  • Two recommendation forms completed by individuals who can provide an official evaluation of leadership activities in the context of gender issues, such as professors administrators, or mentors. Note: At least one of these forms must be completed by a professor. Please send this link to the individuals whom you have designated to complete the recommendation form.

  • Typed essay (maximum length of 2 pages, double-spaced) answering the following questions: 
  1. Why are you applying for the Kandel-Oleksak Scholarship? Include an explanation of your commitment to the Women's Center and/or proposed program or research that would further the work of the Center.
  2. What have you participated in at PLU that has promoted social justice, leadership, and/or gender equity? 
Application Deadline: Friday, March 24th by 5pm (PST)

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants must be all requirements to be eligible. See Women's Center website for details.
Applicant Information
Student Information
Recommendation Information
Leadership and Involvement Information

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