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Time Travel

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September 21, 2020

As I begin my second half of college, I cannot help but reminisce about the times I was fresh to the PLU campus.

As I begin my second half of college, I cannot help but reminisce about the times I was fresh to the PLU campus. I remember move-in day like it was yesterday, my boyfriend at the time drove me up and helped me move everything to the 3rd floor of Stuen but quickly had to leave because he was starting school as well in Oregon. We said our goodbyes and I headed back into my new “home” for the rest of the year; my roommate wasn’t there yet so I was alone in the room while the whole hallway seemed to be having a multicultural family convention right outside my door. This was my first experience at PLU: loneliness, an emotion that I would encounter countless times in my first year alone. However, that emotion didn’t linger for too long. NSO weekend allowed me to make friends quite quickly, some of which were even in my classes, making the adjustment to PLU more bearable. In college, often times you become closest friends with people who live in the same residential hall/wing as you because you are so close in proximity to one another that before you know it you are eating together, studying together, and socializing together but it’s also very easy for it all to turn around in one semester because people can have conflicting schedules, thus sometimes making a drastic change to a once strong relationship. I think about individuals who I was once close to and miss the times we shared. Maybe I’m hoping to go back to the time when I was more naive, that’s really when life was overstimulating. COVID has heavily influenced my issue in being stuck in the past immensely because not only am I cooped up in the house all day with my thoughts but also, I am reminded of what life was like only two years ago every time I open my phone, and I see how drastically different the world is now. But I don’t think that the problem is COVID, I think the problem is way bigger than that. I’ve always had a hard time grasping that some people are only in your life for a short amount of time and everybody walks a different path of life and sometimes you’re holding hands with someone grinning ear to ear down that path and sometimes it’s a bumpy road on a dark night by yourself. I dislike when people say they regret meeting someone just because they brought negativity into their lives, whether good or bad the purpose of an encounter is subjective, however, I believe that everyone you encounter was destined to be in that very spot at that specific time because they were also destined to encounter you. So who really knows if fate and destiny are credible, but one thing I do know is that time is always moving forward, as do people, so make sure those you care about are moving through time with you, in order to create timeless memories. “Revisiting your past” gets a bad reputation but I think it’s crucial for the growth of an individual. Take a trip down memory lane every now and then to remind yourself of the good, the bad, and the ugly you have witnessed in your lifespan.

Luis Reyes

Alger Scholar

Biology & Environmental Science