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A weekend in suburbia

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Blurred picture of people walking on a crosswalk.
April 12, 2021

I find my body often craves a break from it all

I find my body often craves a break from it all,

a break from the push and pulls that wear down my physical being making it difficult to move through the currents of life


I find my body around the body of another,

Feeling the warmth of our souls as we kiss at red lights and mess up each others hair so that the world can see our pleasure from miles away

To fill their minds with the ideas of two strangers who on any other given day would be ignored but due to their distributing relation suddenly become an art exhibit with free admission to the general public


I find my body breathing in the ocean breeze,

The waves drown me with the satisfaction of a pure world as terror has created a blockage in between us, or perhaps it’s discomfort, the kind that can only be received when one is unsure of themselves

Our hands are cold but we put them inside of our pockets this time around, rolling up the lint into little balls and flicking them around just like when we were on the school grounds so long ago playing marbles and you touched my hand and I realized that marbles were not the only interest of mine.


I find my body hungry,

lusting for an undiscovered path to crown me it’s conqueror

Craving to sink my teeth into the faint stench of care and right as I begin to get a hold of this prey my body begins to ache and it pains me to continue


I find my body often craves a break from it all,

A break from the distrust and confusion that push and pulls and eventually tears me through the fast currents of life


This poem is about the never ending cycle of life. People, places, and events can be present in your life time and time again whether that be purposeful or subconsciously so at times it’s hard to find ways to go against the current. If the movement of your life isn’t the way you want it to be then take a break and continue to move through all that is pushing you down and soon enough you’ll be relaxing in a pool of comfort and relief.

Luis Reyes

Alger Scholar

Environmental Studies and Biology