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Spring Ritual

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Plants on a windowsill.
April 19, 2021

In the morning, sunlight streams in through the windows

In the morning, sunlight streams in through the windows

Outside, bright blue skies are speckled with clouds

And snow capped mountains peek out through the trees

Classes are spent staring out windows longingly

A message is sent in the groupchat – “picnic?”


In the afternoon, lunches are packed with blankets and towels

Outside, you kick off your shoes

As your friend laments the hammock they left at home

You watch the birds fluttering around the trees, hoping to spot a hummingbird

And you soak up as much sun as you can


In the evening, you are baking bread or donuts, depending on your mood

Outside, the sky becomes a beautiful canvas

And you hope it won’t turn to cloudy grey tomorrow

April showers will be coming soon to bring May flowers

But they can wait a little longer


These last few weeks I have been really enjoying the sunshine, and this poem is a reflection of what some of these sunny days have been like for me. With virtual learning, I feel like I spend most of my time stuck inside, so it’s been nice to get out and enjoy the weather before it inevitably starts raining again.


Rosey Ireson

Bystander Intern

Geosciences & Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies