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1024 x 798

Posted by:
A computer on a bed
April 26, 2021

1024 x 798

Love has arrived—from afar—

Eyelids fluttered slowly open

To the lag in the zoom call

The lips smile taking a while


The Hand forgetting reaches out

To the white glow of the untouchable

It questions time—the past now seems

Too late—a missed anecdote to pain


Six feet apart is wanting to take her hand

The nerves stiffen at the thought

Of touch—the burn of alcohol

Much too soon afterwards—If—


The Skin could feel the warmth of her

Though our gloves—precautions—

Escaping the poison of unquarantined—

Possibilities—A fleeting thought unobtained


Love has arrived—a tiny smile held

Under covered lips. Love, I am just

Waiting admiring from afar what 1024 by 798

Pixels fail to materialize—your beauty.

1024 x 798 is about falling in love with the limitations of COVID-19. I wanted to discuss my experience as a queer woman falling in love during COVID-19 and the physical isolation. I was inspired by Emily Dickinson while writing this poem. In the poem, the narrator is partially disconnected from the poem and the reader witnesses their experiences through their body and surroundings, which are personified. COVID-19 is a disorienting experience that is felt physically, emotionally, and mentally and which made me try to conjure Dickinson’s style which utilizes bodily personification. The name 1024 x 798 relates back to the computer screen size which has allowed connection even when physically distant. I hope others are able to connect with this poem and to find reflection on the change that COVID-19 has and continues to have on us.

Elizabeth Elliott

CGE Intern

Studying Biology and Women’s and Gender Studies