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New Year, New (and same old) Me

This year (2022) is a start of something new

Posted by:
March 4, 2022

This year is time for a new me. 


I started with a new look. I ditched my bright (and beautiful) purple hair for bangs and dark hair. Some people didn’t recognize me at first, but it really gave me a new feeling of empowerment. (I think bangs are really a good look for me, and kinda wish that I had gotten them sooner). I started wearing clothes that I feel like myself in, which pushed me to the realization that I don’t have a specific style, and I really enjoy that. 


Trying new things is really hard. But that is something I have learned to love about myself. I am willing to try new things, and that has caused a lot of growth within myself. I have so many questions and have realized that when I stopped asking ‘what if?’, and started saying ‘why not?’, there were so many more doors opened and new opportunities given to me. 


Something that happened when I said ‘why not?’:  I started playing lacrosse. That was the most nerve-wracking first week back of the year I ever had. Fun Fact: I want to be perfect at anything I do on the first try. Another Fun Fact: I was hilariously bad for my first try at lacrosse. But I wanted to do *something* physical and feel productive. So I kept on. And I am so happy that I did. I really appreciate the new group of friends and teammates. There are still things I am not good at, and it’s really frustrating. But, I am a whole lot better than when I started! And that’s all that matters. 


Overall, I am still the same person. I still have my big personality (and it’s still growing!) I love being around people, and will continue to be a happy person! 


One question before I go: How can you change your ‘what if’ into ‘why not’?  


Signing off, 


Casiana Lucero

CGE – Affinity Intern

Class of 2024

Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

Innovative Studies