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My Gender Is…

A list of things that feel like my gender

Posted by:
March 18, 2022

For many nonbinary people like me, gender is a complex feeling. I often find myself struggling to describe what my gender feels like. The binary genders that we adhere to do not reflect me accurately. 

Recently, to help myself find the words, I’ve been keeping a note in my Notes App titled “My gender identity is…” To provide some possible inspiration and gender camaraderie, here are some of my favorites from that list:

  1. Little boy chic
  2. Fellow (in the old-timey way, not the intern way)
  3. Crocs without the giblets
  4. Billy Ray Cyrus
  5. That guy from Sky High who works at a Chinese food restaurant and shoots fire out of his hands (Warren Peace)
  6. Soy Boy
  7. A cross between a leaf and a cloud
  8. Straight vibin’
  9. A man in the way that taco bell is Mexican food
  10. “Anyway here’s Wonderwall”
  11. Am I a man? Or am I a muppet?
  12. A jar of plastic snakes
  13. Folk Punk Depression Memes Mostly
  14. Not a sir
  15. Dirt Person for the Earth
  16. A man but camp
  17. Soft butch 
  18. A dyke

Dylan Ruggeri (they/he, class of ’23)

CGE Intern