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Rating the Chairs and Couches in the DJS Lounge

In this blog post, Rosey reflects on what they've learned during their time working with the CGE.

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May 6, 2022

Back on September 14, 2020 my blog post “Wildfires” was the first blog post of the 2020-2021 new year. Now it is May 9, 2022, and this is my last blog post of the school year. These blog posts also mark the beginning and end of my time as an intern for the Center for Gender Equity. A lot has changed during my time with the CGE. If you go back to that first blog post, I was the Bystander Intern and my majors were Environmental Studies and Geosciences. Now, I’m the PACE Intern and I’m finishing up my capstones for my Geosciences and Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies majors. When I was first told I should apply for one of the CGE’s intern positions, it was while standing in the CGE’s house off-campus. Last year I worked from the same desk in my room that I attended all my classes and various other zoom meetings from. Now I spend more time in the DJS Lounge than I do in classes. One thing I have learned over the last two years as a CGE Intern is the importance of having a good workspace, including having a good place to sit. Here, I give my review of the various places to sit around the main area of the DJS lounge.


Blue Chair at the Table: 2.5/5. It gets the job done, and is more comfortable than the chairs provided in the dorm rooms. I also like that it is at the table, especially since I have a wireless mouse that I like to use.

Green Chair at the Table: 2/5. Same as the blue chair, but gets half a point off because I like the color of the blue chair better.

Purple Chairs at the Table: 3.5/5. Like the blue and green chairs, they get the job done, but they do have a bit more cushioning, which is nice. Purple is also my favorite color, so they get a bonus point half point for that. Out of all the table chairs, they are my favorite.

Grey Chairs: 4.75/5. I love how much space there is on these chairs. My only problem is that if I sit all the way against the back of the chair, the end of the chair hits my legs at a weird place.

White and Red Chairs: 5/5. I can spin in them 🙂

Leather Chairs: 4/5. Decently comfortable and has good arm rests. They are in the middle of the lounge, and I feel weird sitting in them when there are people in the couches/chairs behind them.

Tan Couch: 3.5/5. The first time I sat on this couch, I expected to sink into it a lot more than I did. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t. It’s comfortable, and because I don’t sink I have decent posture in it. One downside is that it is a bit far away from some of the other couches/chairs.

Grey Couch: 4.25/5. Similar to the tan couch, where I expected to sink into it a lot more than I did. I like the color of it better than the tan couch, and it is closer to the other couches/chairs. It’s also right next to an outlet.

Red Couch: 4/5 This is the couch I remember most vividly from when the Office of DJS was the DCenter, and Prism would meet there. I appreciate some good nostalgia. Like the grey couch, this one is also right by an outlet.

The Floor: 5/5. Sometimes you just need to be on the floor.


Further research can be done on the chairs located within the study room in the DJS Lounge, as well as the chairs in the Office of DJS and the DJS Classroom.


(If you are interested in the capstones mentioned above, you can watch my Geoscience capstone here, and attend my Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies capstone on May 23rd at 11am in AUC 201.)


Rosey Ireson

PACE Intern

Geosciences & Gender, Sexuality, and Race Studies