Private Lessons & Seminars

Private lessons are available to all Pacific Lutheran University students, regardless of major or level. This offers our students the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with some of the best music faculty in the Northwest. Weekly lessons are available in 30 minute (1-credit) or 60 minute (2-credits) blocks.

  • Registering for private guitar/lute lessons (Music 217/417 A & B).  Registration for lessons is best done in person at the Music Department Office.
  • Signing up for individual lesson times  In the fall semester students are strongly encouraged to attend the Music Department Orientation Meeting on the first Thursday of classes at 7:00 PM at Lagerquist Concert Hall in the Mary Baker Russell Music Center. At this meeting students will sign up for lesson times and learn about building hours access, the concert attendance policy and many other helpful details. If you absolutely cannot attend this meeting you must contact Professor Brown at BEFORE the meeting with your class schedule. Lessons start the second week of classes.
  • Textbooks   New, beginning students should purchase Solo Guitar Playing 1, by Frederick Noad, available at the PLU Bookstore (under Music 217).
  • Instruments  PLU does not have instruments to loan students for these lessons, however, chances are you have a family member or friend who does. A standard classical (nylon-string) guitar is preferable, but steel-string acoustic guitars also work well. Electric guitars are not recommended, but can be used with the understanding that the student provides an amp for lessons. Beginning students who don’t own an instrument are encouraged to borrow one from a friend for at least a few weeks before purchasing one for themselves. Fortunately guitars are fairly affordable and easy to find. Lutes are an entirely different matter!

Seminars serve as an opportunity for students to perform in front of their peers, practice playing in a larger group, perform for other students and for lectures and/or performances on topics related to the guitar and lute. Guitar/Lute Seminars are held on Thursdays, from 10:50 to 11:40 in MBR 116.   1-credit students are required to attend 3 seminars, 2-credit students are required to attend 5 seminars and Guitar or Lute majors are required to attend all seminars.