Hosted by Angie Hambrick, AVP of Diversity, Justice and Sustainability, and Jennifer Smith, Dean of Inclusive Excellence.

Hosted by Kevin O’Brien, Dean of the Division of Humanities.

Hosted by Kevin Andrew, Director of Career, Learning and Engagement.

Hosted by Pastor Jen Rude.


Collin Geoffrey ’18 created this behind the scenes film documenting his 2 year experience involved with PLU’s Mast TV helping to produce the two time NW Emmy nominated PLU parody talk show “Late Knight.”

PLU Media Lab staff members keep up a steady workflow of award-winning documentaries. All of their documentaries are available below in chronological order.

PLU Clubs & Orgs

PLUtonic at ICCA

Watch PLUtonic at the 2020 ICCA West Quarterfinals where they sang their way to 3rd place!

The Division of Humanities publication Prism focuses on important issues, provides a vehicle for contemporary reflection & opinion, and lifts up the values of the Liberal Arts.

PLU Lectures and Conferences

From the Field of Emergency Medicine

Featuring two PLU alumni, Dr. Brian Beerbower (’10) and Dr. Nathan Schlicher (’00), both ER physicians in the Puget Sound area. The panel was developed as a collaboration with PLU’s Wild Hope Center for Vocation and is moderated by Dr. Sergia Hay, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center.

12th Annual Powell-Heller Conference

Jewish resistance and rescue during the Holocaust

Lutheran Studies Conference keynote Dr. Deanna Thompson

This year’s Lutheran Studies Conference will focus on finding love and hope in the wake of the pandemic and will address the various forms of trauma and loss we continue to face. Mortality, anxiety, illness and grief are near and we struggle to piece life together in a new way.

Wang Center Symposium

Noted academics, activists and practitioners whose life’s work engages polarization — within and across disciplines, traditions, communities and peoples — will gather at Pacific Lutheran University on March 5-6 for the 9th Biennial Wang Center Symposium, “Disarming Polarization: Navigating Conflict and Difference.”

Bill Foege’s Rachel Carson Lecture

The 2020 lecture brought Willliam Foege, B.A. (’57), M.D., M.P.H. back to Pacific Lutheran University. Dr. Foege is best known for his leading role in the effort to eradicate smallpox, but he was also key to the fight to eliminate Guinea worm disease, polio, measles and river blindness.

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