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What We Do

Hospitality Services is a group of services that touch nearly 100% of the PLU community. It provides services and hospitality to the PLU community and its friends and support PLU’s fiscal goals with non-tuition revenue operations.

Campus Concierge serves as hospitality and information center to PLU and guests. Anchoring the Anderson University Center, the Concierge is responsible for ID card data, activities, switchboard, information desk, campus box office and conveniences such as passport/visa photos, parking payments, bus passes, Lutebuck & dining dollar purchases, and dry cleaning. The Concierge desk answers more than 11,000 phone calls annually.  www.plu.edu/concierge

Conference & Event Services coordinates internal event logistics, maintains public meeting spaces, manages the Anderson University Center, provides summer housing to PLU students and rents venues, meeting services, and overnight lodging to external groups. Annual institutional events, which form the backbone of campus life, are prioritized amidst thousands of campus events.  6,000 meetings/events were held in FY 2015. Conferences brought 56,000 guests to campus in FY 2015. www.plu.edu/conferences-events

Centralized Campus Calendar is campus’ class and event scheduling system. It publishes event and important announcement information to PLU’s homepage and department webpages. Campus Calendar is viewed an average of 10,970 times each month during academic year.  www.plu.edu/calendar

Hospitality Services Accounting performs conference services billing and reconciles cash register transactions.

How Does Hospitality Services Support PLU 2020?

  • Supports Co-Curricular Experiences through Event Services and Concierge Services
  • Supports Open Resource for Learning, Recreation & Rest through Conference Rentals, Event Services, and University Center Management
  • Supports Services to students through Hospitality and Convenience Services at Concierge and Event Services
  • Supports Faculty Professional Organizations and External Constituencies through Conference Services
  • Supports Community and Neighbor Relationships through Conference Services and Concierge Services
  • Non-Tuition Revenue Sources through Conference Services
  • Public Space Appearances and Scheduling through Event Services and Campus Calendar