Who Are We & What Do We Do?

HPRB Members

The role of the HPRB is to promote respect for its advice and counsel in safeguarding the rights and welfare of human subjects. The HPRB reviews and approves, requires modifications in, or withholds approval of all proposals for research at PLU that are conducted with human participants–evaluating their risk potential and ensuring that corrective actions are taken if unacceptable human participant risks are identified. HPRB serves as a counselor to investigators on strategies to minimize risk to research participants and protect participants’ rights. In addition, it provides ongoing education to the PLU community on protection of human participants in research, and it oversees research to ensure safety and compliance with federal and ethical guidelines.

2017-18 HPRB Members

Marianne Taylor, Psychology (Chair), taylormg@plu.edu
Heather Mathews, Art & Design, hmathews@plu.edu
Mary Moller, Nursing, mollermd@plu.edu
Harry Papadopoulus, Kinesiology, papadoha@plu.edu
Roslyn Pierce, Community Member, PLU Alum (Roslyn.Pierce@multicare.org)

The full Board typically meets the second Wednesdays of the month during Fall and Spring semesters.  Proposals should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to meetings in order to be considered. The full board does not meet during J-Term or Summer.

Unit Designates

The Unit Designates do an initial review of all new HPRB research proposals from investigators in their respective units for completeness, clarity, and eligibility for exempt (versus non-exempt) status. They then forward the proposals to the chairperson of the HPRB with a recommendation for exempt (or non-exempt), expedited, or full board review. Each Unit Designate also serves as a liaison between the HPRB, faculty, and administrators in their respective units to facilitate timely communications.

2017-18 Unit Designates

Arts and Communication, Peter Ehrenhaus, ehrenhpc@plu.edu
Business, Catherine Ha, kha@plu.edu
Education and Kinesiology, Harry Papadopoulos, papadoha@plu.edu
Humanities, Nancy Simpson-Younger, simpsonl@plu.edu
Natural Sciences, Brian Naasz, naaszbm@plu.edu
Nursing, Lorena Guerrero, guerrelc@plu.edu
Psychology, Heidi McLaughlin, mclaughd@plu.edu
Sociology, Anna Leon-Guerrero, guerreay@plu.edu
Other Social Sciences, David Simpson, simpsoda@plu.edu
Student Life, Eva Frey, johnsoer@plu.edu
Wang Center for Global Education, Will Taylor, taylorwj@plu.edu