Are students doing research in your classes?

Faculty are responsible for teaching their students about ethical research and ensuring that their students achieve the highest standards of research ethics.

Although class assignments that meet the criteria on the HPRB website are not required to be submitted to HPRB for approval, we offer the following guidelines to faculty who assign such projects:

  • HPRB strongly recommends that instructors require all students who will be interacting with human participants to complete the HPRB proposal as part of the class assignment, even though this proposal will not be forwarded to HPRB.  This will (1) educate students about the research process and the importance of peer review of research ethics in that process; (2) prepare students to complete the proposal for HPRB submission if and when they conduct independent research projects; and (3) allow the instructor to provide detailed feedback to each student about the ethics of his/her project.
  • Faculty need to be aware of the kind of projects their students are involved in and to advise students away from projects that students are not prepared to conduct.  For example, students engaging in their first research project should be advised against projects that are too sensitive or complex given their current level of expertise.
  • HPRB will offer consultation and training to faculty who assign research-based projects in their courses so that faculty may adequately educate their students about the process.  The current CITI Training also provides this education for both faculty and students.
  • HPRB members will be available to assist instructors and to answer questions about the ethical considerations for specific projects.  If instructors have special concerns about the ethics of a specific student project, this project may be referred to HPRB for full review.