Policies & Procedures

The HPRB follows federal regulations in order to ensure that we protect the privacy and confidentiality of our community as research with human participants is being conducted. The Belmont Report and OHRP Guidelines (45 CFR 46) provide significant background for us as we review proposals within our academic community. The HPRB Policy Manual serves as our foundation for the information provided here on our website.

The “drop-down” menu within the Policies & Procedures section at the left contains links to information for submitting your initial application, as well as:

Follow the instructions provided in the links above to keep your research proposal moving efficiently through the review process.

Examples of HPRB Proposals

Well written proposals clearly and accurately describe the study being proposed and also include all the necessary documentation (e.g., consent and debriefing forms, copies of survey questions, script being used to recruit participants). We have provided examples of actual HPRB proposals  to help you understand the level of detail and clarity with which you need to write in order to complete your HPRB application. (NOTE: You will need to use your PLU ePass to access the examples.) Think through the questions that the reviewer will have as a non-expert in your area in order to thoughtfully prepare your proposal.

Examples include (1) a basic experimental study, (2) a study for which the researcher requested amending the procedures and materials used, (3) responding to stipulations before conducting an on-line survey, (4) several examples of studies involving interviews, and (5) several examples of quality improvement studies.