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Tuesday - Thursday, March 1-3, 2016

Human Resources is pleased to present Personal & Professional Development Opportunities during the first week of March.  Classes will be held between 8:30am – 5:00pm on Tuesday the 1st, Wednesday the 2nd, and Thursday the 3rd of March.

All faculty, staff, and administrators are invited to participate in a wide variety of workshops to improve skills both on and off the job.  Workshop descriptions are below.

Due to space limitations, a reply is required for all workshops.

Staff member working on a computer

Tuesday, March 1

Intermediate Excel

Go beyond the basics of Excel and learn new features of the program that can help you to better organize and present your data. Topics will include creating running totals, using pivot tables and utilizing IF statements in your formulas. Previous experience working with Excel is required.

Capacity: 17
Presenter: David Rebar, User Support Team Lead
Room: Library, Room 331

Buying & Selling Real Estate

Advantage Home Plus, our First Choice EAP Home Ownership Benefits partner, will be here to discuss the following topics:

  • Is now a good time to buy?
  • Navigating the mortgage industry. What are interest rates doing? Who should I be talking to?
  • How can I take advantage of down payment assistance programs and grants? How long do I have before these programs are gone?
  • Maximizing sellers’ market and credits towards my closing cost
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Presenter: Nicole Manley, Benefits Advisor for Advantage Home Plus and Michelle Tondu, VP of Operations with Evergreen Home Loans
Room: AUC, Room 133

Eating for Health and Wellness

What we feed ourselves can make a huge difference in our physical, mental and emotional resiliency. Come learn about some simple and delicious foods to include in everyday meals to help you deal with stress and boost your immunity.  We’ll make a slow cooker soup and a massaged kale salad and talk about how easy it is to prepare these beneficial nutrient-packed foods!

Presenter: Erica Fickeisen, Lead Baker
Room: AUC, CK East

Writing and Delivering Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews are a key component of employee and team development. Done well, reviews boost productivity, employee loyalty and cooperation between departments. However, if poorly done, the review process results in poor morale, loss of trust, employee departures, and exposure to claims of discrimination. In this class, supervisors and managers will learn the basics of documenting performance and delivering performance conversations to capture all the benefits without exposing the company to the risks.

Capacity: 20
Presenter: Holly Eckert-Lewis, Archbright
Room: AUC 133

Wednesday, March 2

Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for Your Ideal Retirement

This session will help you plan for today and tomorrow – focusing on the real benefit of time in regards to saving, how to save and plan, and the essential features of retirement investing.

Presenter: Matt Myers, TIAA-CREF
Room: AUC 133

Healthy Numbers: Integrating Healthcare into Your Retirement Plan

Living well in retirement requires that you plan ahead, understand the real benefits and costs of Medicare, and learn how to fold healthcare into your overall retirement plan.

Presenter: Matt Myers, TIAA-CREF
Room: AUC 133

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

This session focuses on understanding diversity and inclusion and the way organizations can benefit from that diversity. Employees, managers, and leaders will have the opportunity to learn and practice several communication techniques that allow people to experience inclusion in the workplace, as well as learning how to develop inclusive work climates.

Capacity: 30
Presenters: Barbara Deane and Effenus Henderson, Archbright
Room: AUC Regency Room

Thursday, March 3

Assertive Communication

The ability to be assertive when necessary in the workplace is critical. Employees need to know when and how to maintain a professional demeanor and gracefully exit conversations when necessary. Yet, often we don’t know how to articulate our needs without going over the top. The results is that we may not advocate for ourself or become a victim of an overly aggressive patron. This course will provide process and tools to effectively, gracefully, and appropriately advocate.

Capacity: 20*
Presenter: Carol Bowser, Conflict Management Strategies
Room: AUC 133

*Please note that this workshop has reached capacity, but you may still sign up to be placed on the wait-list.

Engaging Your Audience with Prezi

Interested in taking your presentations beyond PowerPoint? Learn to use Prezi to add motion and organizational structure to engage your audience. Review exemplary Prezis and create your own Prezi presentations, zooming in around your topics and graphics, without making your audience seasick.

Capacity: 17
Presenter: Layne Nordgren, Director for User Services/Instructional Technologies
Room:  Library, Room 331

Understanding Eldercare: A Discussion of the Issues and Concerns Facing the Individual and The Family as We Age

The objectives of this panel presentation will include:

  • Each panelist will spend time addressing, from their perspective, some of the challenges associated with aging and declining health as it relates to the individual and their family.
  • Each will also discuss potential resources and opportunities that may be available, both in the planning stages and in response to current and/or ongoing needs.
  • Panelists will respond to prepared questions related to the topic as well as to questions from the audience.

Brent Price, ChFC®, CASL®, RICP®, CLTC
Financial Advisor
Albers & Company

Mary Lynn Pannen, RN, BSN, CCM
CEO & President
Sound Options; Care Management & Home Care

Bryana Cross Bean
Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Bryana Cross Bean

Room: AUC, Room 133

Adobe InDesign

Learn how to make high-quality flyers, magazine spreads, and more using Adobe InDesign. Workshop will include technical skills as well as design guidelines for creating attractive, easy-to-read documents for print or screen.

Capacity: 8*
Presenter: Jenna Stoeber, Instructional Technologist
Room: Library, Design Lab

*Please note that this workshop has reached capacity, but you may still sign up to be placed on the wait-list.