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Tuesday - Wednesday, February 21 - 22

Human Resources is pleased to present Personal & Professional Development Opportunities the fourth week in February.  Classes will be held between 8:15 am – 5:00 pm on Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd.

All faculty and staff are invited to participate in a wide variety of workshops to improve skills both on and off the job.  Workshop descriptions are below.

Due to space limitations, a reply is required for all workshops.

Click here to register for “Maximizing Student Success by Increasing Belonging Workshop.”

Tuesday, February 21

Social Media 201: Content is King

Join us for a closer look at advanced social media topics.
We will:

  • Discuss ways to engage your PLU channel followers.
  • Create a foundation of authentic storytelling.
  • Leverage your social media audiences for event/news promotion.
  • Learn how to implement and keep community standards.

Presenters: Lace Smith, Executive Director of Content Development
Zach Powers, Manager of Media & Content
Room: AUC, Room 201

Getting to Know Your Mobile Devices: Android and iOS

Tips for more effectively using your iOS or Android mobile devices.

Learn more about the built-in apps that come with these devices and ways to configure them to help you to be more engaged.

 Darren Moore, Computer Purchasing & Services Coordinator
Kelly Valentin, Help Desk Supervisor User Support
Room: Library, Room 331
Capacity: 17

We have 4 spots left as of 2/15/17.  If you are interested please sign up ASAP.  Thank you.  

Getting Started on Your Resilience Journey

Do you know what your purpose in life is?  Are you clear in your values?  What and who makes you happiest?  The questions may sound deep, but their answers form the core building resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Please join us as we explore these questions and others with the goal of helping you walk away with a better understanding of the building blocks of resilience skills, and how these skills can help you manage what seems like overwhelming change and where you are on your journey to your true north.

Presenter: Patrick Rice, First Choice EAP
Room: AUC, Room 201

Strategies for Better Sleep

Learn ways to improve your sleep through easy before bed meditations, tips for clearing your busy mind and how to improve the length of good sleep without medications.  A light lunch will be provided.

Presenter: Meghan Wilkins Melanson, CancerLifeLine
Room: AUC, Regency

Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Have you wondered what people mean when they talk about implicit bias? This workshop will focus on understanding implicit bias and how it impacts people in the workplace. We will discuss how social scientists define and study implicit bias, how it affects our interactions with others, and what we can to do lessen its influence in the workplace.

Presenters: Teresa Ciabattari, Associate Professor of Sociology
Michelle Ceynar, Professor of Psychology
Room: AUC, Room 133

Wednesday, February 22

Get a Head Start: Saving for Retirement

A step by step overview of your plan.

  • You will learn about your plan.
  • Advantages of participating in your retirement program.
  • Creating your retirement strategy.
  • Updating your account.

Presenter:  Mary J. Rorvik, TIAA
Room:  AUC, Room 201

Multiculturalism & Conflict in the Workplace

The workplace is a melting pot of generations and cultures.  Employers have spoken and unspoken expectations in the workplace.  Employees must learn to recognize and adapt to a company’s way of interacting.  More importantly, when conflict arises, employers and employees alike need to constructively address the tensions that naturally occur in the workplace.  However, the average person does not usually recognize signals that the tensions are not a “personality problem” but rather a “culture clash”.  By the end of this session, you will learn to recognize symptoms of culture clashes, how to prevent them, and how to resolve them if they occur.

Presenter: Carol Bowser, Conflict Management Strategies Inc.
Room: AUC, Room 133
Capacity: 25

Tips for Taming Your Gmail Inbox

Does your Gmail inbox got you down?  Wondering where that particular email message is hiding?  Want to better organize your messages?  Learn some basic tips and tricks for searching, tagging, and filtering your messages.

David Rebar, User Support Team Lead
Layne Nordgren, Director for User Services/Instructional Technologies
Room: Library, Room 331
Capacity: 17 (We have met our capacity for this class) Additional sign ups will be place on a wait list and will be notified if a spot opens up.  Thank you.

Financial Yoga

Learn how to stretch your hard-earned dollars, in today’s tough economic climate, stretching a paycheck is more important than ever.  Reduce financial stress with tips to help you gain control.

Presenter: Denise Grunert, Inspirus
Room: AUC, Room 133

Medicare 101

Medicare 101 “Everything you wanted to know about Medicare but were afraid to ask.” You will learn what Medicare is, what it covers and when you can you sign up.  You will also learn the difference between a supplement to Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan.  Last but not least what is Part D and do I need it?

Presenter: Bob May, Health Insurance NW
Room: AUC, Room 133